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A Selection of Comprehensive Services

Every organization is unique. That is why, at RW Leadership Coaching LLC, we offer solutions to address your specific leadership and organizational development requirements. We work closely with you and your team to deliver programs that align with your goals and challenges.

Leadership Pipeline Development

The Problem: For over 3 decades, organizations have focused on becoming flatter, faster, leaner, and more agile. Unfortunately, this has led to a vanishing middle management tier and a fraying of the organization's leadership pipeline. The fast pace of change leaves little time for leadership development activities.

The Solution: Leverage third-party coaching to build a safe space for leadership development and improve employee retention. Our Leadership Pipeline Development program focuses on the 4 tenets of leadership: 1. Self-Awareness, 2. Communication, 3. Influence, and 4. Learning Agility

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Team Development

Our Team Development program assists team members in recognizing their blind spots, capitalizing on their strengths, and identifying growth opportunities. 

Our clients benefit from daily automated coaching tips on how to effectively communicate with their team members. Ultimately, our program enables teams to embrace the platinum rule: Treat others as they wish to be treated.

Lean Leader

Our Lean Leader program supports you in streamlining processes, enhancing effectiveness, and optimizing efficiency within your organization.

Key Program Features:

  1. Lean Principles and Practices: We equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools needed to apply lean methodologies effectively.

  2. Guided Application: Our experienced coaches guide you through the practical implementation of lean concepts.

  3. Continuous Learning: Using adult learning theory, we demonstrate, teach, and monitor your journey toward an efficient and effective culture.

For more information on Lean Leaders visit the Lean Enterprise Institute website.

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